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>> Construction and Data-Exchange >> Automatic Nesting

The 3D and 2D construction is easy and fast with real sheet metal functionality, for corners, notches, reply’s etc.

Interfaces for data import and export are available for customer requirements. Parts can be imported and worked on as PN4000 models. Flatpatterns can be derived from components imported as 3D models. 3D models created from 2D flats from the customer.

Full automatic true shape nesting and rectangular nesting for complete optimisation of plate layouts. Automatic disposals including full automatic Shearing operations for machines such as Finnpower and Salvagnini.

Automated tool sort and optimisation across complete range of nested plates in one operation, ensuring minimum tool and machine setup. Automatic repositioning and clamp avoidance.

>> 3D Bending >> Automation and Interaction

NC Bending programs can be created showing bend sequence and tooling. Several optional simulations graphically displayed to show the step by step sequence for the operator.

Bending instructions for all bending operations will be supplied. At the design stage the parts can be design proofed. Direct interface with Cybelec, Delem, Adcos and Bybend Controllers.

Automatic machining of parts to customer requirements using micro-joints or over laps. Parameters easily set and saved by user.

Automatically change from one machine to another by clicking only one button. PN4000 will automatically save all tool and path sequence so reprogramming is eliminated.

Representation of all processes can be displayed on the shop floor including all drawings 2D, 3D assemblies, NC programs and operator instructions through PNVIEW for the ideal quality solution ISO9000 and a paperless shop floor.

>> Processing Geometry’s for Programming >> Communication With PPS-System
Full automatic part programming with powerful manual interaction capabilities.

Automatic analysis of geometry for special shapes and tooling. Full machining of all geometry’s inside the geometry and the outside contour.

Special function “LEARN” that will remember special punching techniques for specific purposes.

Parametric Module for NC programming of parts where elements are variably linked.

A link is created between Geometry and NC processing for import and export that is scheduled using specific data requirements specified by the user. The data is taken by PN4000 and programs are generated in a structured and controlled format.

Automatic control of tooling and set-ups can be controlled. Tool set-ups can be standardised across a complete works plan.

Real time recognition on progress of parts and programs are controlled and reported.

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